3D pdf demo data

  • full end user interactivity in 3D space
  • integrated indirect illumination and animation
  • small file sizes, even complex vegetation scenes below 10 mb
  • reduced costs if made in addition to a visualization

  • adobe acrobat reader 8 or higher is required. you will find the download under links.
    navigation is easy:

    rotate = left mouse button
    zoom = scroll wheel / right mouse button
    pan = ctrl and left / left and right mouse button

    tgv lyon by santiago calatrava
    9 mb/ 128 mb video memory

    Guggenheim Museum, NYC
    4,9mb/ 64mb video memory

    Guggenheim Museum, NYC
    7.9mb / 256mb video memory

    3,1 mb

    greeble box
    3.1 mb

    casa pizarra
    5 mb

    nature test scene
    2.5 mb

    Turning Torso by S. Calatrava
    0,6 mb

    6 mb

    9.1 mb

    watch 3d pdf also on: acrobat users 3d pdf gallery