quicktime virtual reality environment.

- interactive panoramic sight
- suitable for interior and exterior scenes
- small file sizes, optimal for email transfer and web publishing
- minimal costs if made in addition to a print visualization

qtvr scenes are .mov files. apple quicktime player or equal is required.
you will find the download under "links".

freakwave, mining tower
panorama, 3072px 2.2mb

freakwave, wavepoint
panorama, 3072px 2.2mb

freakwave, sound zone and
restaurant, 3072px 1.8mb

freakwave, area center
panorama, 3072px 2.7mb

freakwave, backside panorama
3072px 2.7mb

freakwave, restaurant balcony
3072px 1.7mb

rainbow, basement panorama
2048px 0.8mb

rainbow, 2nd floor panorama
3072px 1.9mb

rainbow, focus floor panorama
2048px 0.9mb

high resolution versions are coming soon.